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29 years in 100 words.
Mike Timani, president of Fancy Pokket, arrived in Toronto from Lebanon in 1976. After several years in the food and beverage industry, he opened a small bakery in Moncton, New Brunswick to supply the pita bread for the restaurant he opened the very next day.

The following twenty-seven years have been a classic entrepreneurial success story marked by hard work, steady growth, continuous improvement, physical expansion and a major investment in technology.

Today, Fancy Pokket is Atlantic Canada’s largest producer of pita bread, bagels and tortilla wraps. For anyone interested in a longer, more detailed version of “The Baker’s Adventure”, click here.

Contact details

Fancy Pokket Corporation
1220 St. George Blvd.
Moncton, New Brunswick
Canada E1E 4K7

Toll Free: 1-877-853-7299
Phone: (506) 853-7299
Fax: (506) 859-6857

Did you know?

  • A loaf of pita bread bakes in less than 10 seconds
  • Our traditional pita oven is lined with bricks for an authentic pita
  • Our plant is BRC (British Retail Consortium) certificated
  • A bagel is steamed in the first 25 seconds of baking to make it shine
  • Tortilla has been around since 10,000 BC
  • Pita is baked at 1000°F

Recipe Ideas

Smoked Salmon Mini Naan Bites

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